Top 10 Cars Of Fast & Furious 6 Upcoming Action Movie

Top 10 ultimate cars of Fast & Furious 6, images are taken in the hangars of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and Dwayne Johnson stars of the Sixth Fast and Furious series. Premiere will be shown in cinemas from 24th May, a real stars will be cars like the custom Ford Escort from 1978. tuned Nissan GT-R. There will be many other stars on four wheels like the Jensen Interceptor, Aston Martin DB9, Dodge Challenger … See a gallery of original copies of the hangars Universal Studios Hollywood.

Fast & Furious 6 Cars
Top 10 Cars Of Fast & Furious 6 gallery.


Top 10 Cars Of Fast & Furious 6:

01. Ford Escort
02. Nissan GT-R
03. 1970. Plymouth Barracuda
04. 1969. Anvil Mustang
05. 1973. Jensen Interceptor
06. 1969. Dodge Daytona
07. Flip Car
08. Aston Martin DB9
09. Dodge Challenger 2010.
10. Lister

Fast And Furious 6 OFFICIAL TRAILER [HD]

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