New Ferrari GTE Concept By Angelo Granata

New Ferrari GTE with code-name F40 is concept car designed by Angelo Granata. Ferrari F70 should be next generation of legendary Ferrari Enco.

Car enthusiasts-designer Angelo Granata created his own version of the legendary Ferrari Enzo. We are sure that many fans of the Italian manufacturer of super fast speeder should not complain when they actually saw the light of day the new F70.

GTE concept is 4650mm long, 2030mm wide and 1088mm tall with a wheelbase of 2680mm. The front end is inspired by the F40 model, and here we find the LED projectors and duck nose that helps to reduce the air drag force and increase downforce at high speeds. Adjustable rear spoiler is integrated in the car body.

It is anticipated that GTE used monocoque safety cell carbon fiber which protects the driver in case of an accident by absorbing an impact. New Ferrari GTE should be powered by 7.3-liter V12 engine from 800 hp supported KERS system which allows that driver use an additional 120 hp.

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