Niki Lauda VS James Hunt in The Biographic Movie Called Rush

One of the most successful movie director Ron Howard is preparing real sugar end for car movie fans. It’s called Rush and it’s something that you have probably never seen before in automotive movies.

This movie is brining back to the 1976 when Formula 1 was marked with two rivals; Niki Lauda and James Hunt. In this movie you’re going to see Niki Lauda’s crash which almost killed him and his amazing fast return to challenge his rival James Hunt. 


People who remembered this knows that in these days F1 was far more deadly than today and that Niki and James was big rivals in this sport. James in this movie is played by Chris Hemsworth who played with legendary movie Thor who get a lot of fame and Niki is played by Daniel Bruhl. This actor was almost main character in movie Inglourious Basterds.


One more interesting thing regarding movie Rush is that it’s taken place a few years before legendary Ayrton Senna started racing. Enjoy the movie trailer below and see part of the epic battle between two rivals who was and stay main icons of this sport!

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