Covers Offer Protection for Your BMW 5 Series

A BMW 5 series car cover is designed to protect your car from the elements, as well as to prevent dents, dings and scratches.

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These covers protect you paint job, your finish and even the interior of your car. Covers are custom designed to fit each year and model of BMWs, and we have the cover to meet your specific needs for your car.


Natural Elements-


Some of the most dangerous things to your car’s finish are natural elements that you cannot control. If a car is parked outside, it is exposed to the weather, including wind, rain, snow and even hail. In addition, acid rain, ozone and other pollution eat away the paint job. Rain causes rust, snow and brine leads to paint damage and deterioration, and wind and hail can cause the need for extensive body work. At the same time, harmful UV rays from the sun fades the exterior and causes issues inside the car as well. Plastic dash boards can fade and crack, leather can begin to crumble and even cloth seats can lose their vibrant colors.


Birds, trees and even stray cats and wild squirrels can also cause damage to your vehicle’s paint. Covering your 5 series BMW with a custom fit car cover is the best way to prevent this damage, and to keep it free of dust as well.


Man Made Issues-


In addition to the natural elements that can harm your vehicle’s paint job, man-made damage can cause more noticeable dings, scratches and even dents. This damage does not take years to develop like the problems typically caused by weather. Instead, they happen in an instant, and the eyesore on your car can drive you crazy for years.

Heavyweight car covers can help to protect your BMW from these issues as well. This type of thicker, heavier car cover is especially important if you car is parked in a high traffic area frequently. In an area with heavy foot traffic, accidents happen and your paint job can easily become the victim of someone scraping down the side as they pass. If children often ride bicycles or other toys nearby, dents can happen when they lose their balance or thanks to horseplay. Finally, if you park in a crowded surface lot or parking garage, you probably fear a wayward car door that could swing into your BMW. The right car cover can protect the car in all of these situations.


Theft Protection-


Perhaps the least considered, but most costly issue that a car cover can help you with is that of theft. When a car is covered, it makes it a difficult target for a potential thief. The thief cannot see the contents of the car, and can only guess about any valuables you have stored inside. At the same time, it takes longer to access a covered car because the cover must be removed to get inside. A thief is much more likely to choose a vehicle where the access is easy and the getaway will be quick.


Buying a BMW 5 series car cover is one of the best choices you can make if you want to keep your car looking great for years to come. These custom fit covers guard against weather and dent, dings and scratches. They can also help to prevent smashed windows and stolen stereo systems.

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