Diesel trucks and diesel performance parts

Is it familiar to you when we said Duramax Diesel Performance? Virtually all people heard about the fastest truck with high horse power LBZ motor. So when you say DURAMAX that means the powerful truck with almost bullet proof Alison Transmission that trucks come with.

The most popular modification for diesel engines is performance chip and one of the best in the world is Duramax EFL Live which allows you to put custom tunes into Duramax. You don’t have any restriction by premade tunes, so anything you want to customize with your engine and transmission is allowed. Why are people doing that? Well, it’s because of power, economy and shifts. 


There are more Diesel trucks and diesel performance parts popular today, and Diablosport Predator is something special. It comes with 3 performance tunes and takes diagnostic port that give you many possibilities like: 


– Adjusting speedometer for larger tires 

– Ability to check trouble codes


But that’s not all, most well know Duramax Diesel performance parts are AFE Intakes. It comes with 5 protective layers and it+s giving you maximum air flow with fantastic filtering.  Beside that you can choose upgradable filter with 7 protective layers. 


Many people decide for Aero Turbine Muffler because they don’t want to pay a full price for a complete exhaust system. It’s only a muffler replacement, but it’s made to increase the speed of the exhaust that give you many benefits that have a full exhaust system.

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