Some Of The Most Sought After Luxury Auto Accessories For Your Car

Luxury Auto Accessories
These days, the people are more competitive than ever. Everybody wants to be the best in their chosen field– whether it is in business

These days, the people are more competitive than ever. Everybody wants to be the best in their chosen field– whether it is in business, in medicine, or food. The automobile industry is of course, no newbie in the competition. Every year, a new model comes out and every year, a new trend is being brought to life. This is the also the same for auto accessories. More and more people are becoming obsessed with dressing up their cars that they are always on the look out for the new gears to add flair to their cars. Hence, the business of auto accessories has also seen dramatic growth in the recent years. Every year, as people desire to become the best, they are also able to come up with new ancillaries to make their cars improved. Here are now some of the most sought after auxiliaries that you may want to try:

Seat Heaters

Long road trips can cause back pain and discomfort. With the innovation of seat heaters, this has now become one of the most wanted for cars. Some of its features include:

Auto Temperature Control

Equal or Superior to OE seat heaters

Heats up in seconds

Installs without Detection

Vehicle Specific Design

3-year/36,000 mile warranty

Head Rest Monitor System

Again, when you’re on the road, you would want to have entertainment. How about some movies to get you through? Some of the features of the headrest monitor system include:

Headrests feature:

100% OEM match fabric/leather/lacing

Flush mount monitor—no obtrusive bezel

Tubular chrome posts hide wires

7.0’’ and 9.0″ wide screen

4-tilt headrest positioning provides driver comfort and easier viewing

Super Hi-Bright picture—400 NIT. Enhanced color, contrast and great jewel tones. The brightest screen in the industry.

Single distribution box – One box handles 2 screens and eliminates unnecessary Y cables.

2 inputs, 4 outputs for video sourcing – Includes 1 slave output for each video input allows you to run additional screens

On-board video amplification – eliminates need for video amplifier

Unified Remote Control – one remote does it all – controls Vizualogic DVD and all screen function

Built-in monitor IR repeater – can control any DVD through screen – eliminates need for remote IR repeaters

Park Pilot

Having trouble parking? Well, fret no more because there is now an auto accessory that can help you park like a pro. Park Pilot works by using an electronic sensing system that emits sound waves then calculates the car’s distance to an object.

Leather Covers

Nowadays, it is not enough that you have leather seats. There are more variations to choose from.

Wooden Panel

Nothing speaks luxury more than a wooden panel. It is very stylish, and it can even be customized to your own liking!

Metal Emblems

Auto emblems are huge in the accessory industry these days because car owners want to put a stamp on their property.

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