Christmas Gadget Gifts for Car Lovers

Tips for what to buy the petrolhead in your life this Christmas.

Are you stuck for gift ideas this Christmas for a gadget lover? Well if you know someone who’s a bit of a petrol head or car enthusiast, there are many great gadgets out there which can improve the driving experience or just give them something to play with.


1.      A dashboard mat

Everyone finds it annoying trying to stick their sat nav to their windscreen using the sucker. It takes effort, and then if you accidentally stick it in your vision and need to move it it’s not exactly easy to rearrange it. And let’s face it, you don’t want something stuck to the inside of your windscreen. So thankfully you can now buy sticky mats which sit on the dashboard and hold your gadgets in place while you drive. You can even put your phone on it, or your wallet.


2.      MP3 Radio Transmitter

An essential gadget for music lovers that means they never have to stop listening to their iPod or MP3 player. The transmitter sends a signal over an unused radio station which your car radio picks up and plays your MP3s. Convenient and easy, this makes a great Christmas gift even for people who aren’t gadget geeks.


3.      Cigarette to USB connection

A car’s cigarette lighter has for a long time been a useful source of in-vehicle electricity, great for everything from pumping up air beds to actually lighting a cigarette. These days those more and more devices use USB connections, so if you know someone who can’t live without their phone or iPad get them a connector which allows them to charge USB gadgets like phones and iPads through the lighter.


4.      In Car DVD Player

This gadget makes a great Christmas gift for parents as it’s really useful for keeping kids entertained, but adults can appreciate it too. If you know someone who drives a lot they might find this great for entertainment during rest stops (we don’t suggest watching DVDs while you drive!)


5.      In Car Handheld Espresso Maker

For serious coffee lovers long drives can be frustrating. Coffee on the go is notoriously sub-standard. Flasks can only do so much and road side vendors might not deliver the quality you desire. If you know someone like this then buy them this gadget for Christmas and let them have fresh espresso within the comfort of their car.



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