Find Out More About Picking The Right Car Battery

Selecting a car battery can be an intimidating process for many people.

Selecting a car battery can be an intimidating process for many people. While many of us are used to making our purchasing decisions based primarily on aesthetics, car battery selection relies on an individual’s knowledge of their car and the capabilities and efficiency of the various batteries on the market. It is important to get a high-quality battery, as many vehicular functions depend on it, but for many people it is also important to find a cost-effective solution as well, which makes things even more complicated.

The most basic features to consider when purchasing a new battery include the size of the battery and the manufacture date. Batteries come in several different size groups to fit in the battery trays of various vehicles. It is important to buy a battery that fits properly into the vehicle in which it will be used to avoid installation complications and potentially dangerous situations if the battery comes loose while driving.


While the battery size is rather easy to determine, the battery’s manufacture date is often less immediately clear. Most batteries have a lifespan of roughly five years, beginning from the date of manufacture. This means that if they have been sitting on a shelf, waiting to be purchased, for a year, then the consumer can only realistically expect efficient usage for four years and will essentially be paying more for less. Some batteries have a clearly printed date of manufacture while others use a single letter and single digit as a code.


Usually, the letter represents the month of manufacture, and the digit represents the year. It is best to check these dates and make sure the battery was manufactured within six months of the date of purchase. 

After figuring out the correct size and manufacture date to look for it is important to make decisions about efficiency and durability. Most batteries are rated according to their cranking amps (CA), cold cranking amps (CCA), and amp hours. Cranking amps refer to the starting power of the battery; there should be a recommended range for this in the vehicle’s manual.


Cold cranking amps is a measure of cranking amps in cold whether, usually measured at freezing temperature. This is especially important for people living in colder regions, who may choose to search for batteries made by companies situated in colder climates. Amp hours is how long the battery will last if the car is not started, which is important for people who do not drive their vehicles often. 

While selecting a new battery can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be. Once a consumer understands the basic features of a battery they can use their owner’s manual or their previous battery to make the best decisions for future purchases. While it may be tempting to go to your local hardware store to find a new battery, it’s important to know there are better options out there. Specialty companies such as Canadian Energy can provide you with the latest options on the market as they take pride in producing industry leading technology that won’t let you down. Their batteries outlast the competition and won’t leave you stranded!

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