How To Make Your Car’s Interior Smell Nice

Do you ever go inside your car, and it always seems to have some kind of gross and disgusting smell that you can’t quite locate the source of (and you know it isn’t you)

Do you ever go inside your car, and it always seems to have some kind of gross and disgusting smell that you can’t quite locate the source of (and you know it isn’t you)?

After a while, car interiors do have some strange odours, and it has to be said that although many motorists in the United Kingdom get their car’s exterior washed on a regular basis, the interior doesn’t always have the same level of care and attention to detail.

So if you miss that new car smell, or at least, a car that doesn’t smell really gross, check out these awesome tips to help you get your car to having an odour-free scent, and as a bonus, smelling quite fresh and inviting (as fragrant as when you take freshly washed clothes out of your washing machine, for example)!

Declutter your car

When you are ready to begin, the first thing you need to do is remove any clutter inside of your car. This means getting rid of rubbish like empty sandwich and crisp packets, bottles, sweet wrappers and so on, as well as non-rubbish items like paperwork, CD jewel cases, hairbands (even if they are only on your gear lever) etc.

Vacuum the carpets and seats

The next step is to get your vacuum cleaner and spend some time thoroughly vacuuming your carpets and seats. Apart from making them look clean and tidy, you will often find that the cause of some car interior odours is from rotting food which has been dropped down the sides of the seats and forgotten about.

Make sure that you also vacuum underneath your seats, floor mats (remove these from the car for easier and quicker vacuuming) and inside of your boot too.

Use upholstery cleaner

You can buy some upholstery cleaner to clean any stains from your seats or carpet. These specialist cleaners are designed for specific purposes such as fabric, or vinyl and leather, so make sure that you buy and use the right one for your car.

A lot of these cleaners have a brush on top of them which you can use to work the foam into any stains in order to shift them easily. Follow the instructions on the can for the best results.

Wipe surfaces down

Using either some dashboard cleaner or some warm water and washing up liquid, and a suitable cotton cloth, wipe down the surfaces inside of your car to get rid of any sticky and smelly residue left from drinks or food.

Change your pollen filter

According to Gary at car dealers, pollen filters are sometimes forgotten about when it comes to servicing a car, and over time they build up with dirt and even mould in some severe cases!

Pollen filters only cost a few quid even from main dealers, and like with an engine’s air filter, they literally filter the air that enters the cabin. This is an important task to complete if you suffer from asthma or airborne allergies.

Get your air conditioning serviced

Finally, most cars have air conditioning as standard built into them. Get your car’s air conditioning system fully serviced; such a service comprises of a leak test, followed by cleaning and the topping up of refrigerant gas.

This will make sure that your car doesn’t have that nasty ‘smelly socks’ odour when you turn off 

your car’s air conditioning (the smell is caused by bacteria).

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