Car Part Theft: Determining Your Risk and Taking Steps to Prevent It

Car Part Theft

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss car part theft. All vehicle owners should look out for many different types of car vandalism. You may not think car theft will happen to you, but taking precautions and knowing what makes your car vulnerable to thieves is vital to preventing crime from happening.

The type of insurance for theft you have has a lot to do with mitigating damages after the thief strikes. Comprehensive coverage is the best option to cover all your bases in case of vandalism.

One of the most common items stolen is catalytic converters. There were 14,443 of them stolen in 2020. We’ll cover why thieves like these parts and how you can prevent theft from happening. We’ll also go over some of the other ways to protect your car from theft and how insurance can cover it.

Catalytic Converter Theft

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A catalytic converter is a vital car part because it helps convert toxic chemicals into less harmful substances while driving. They are made of certain metals that can be sold for a large profit and easily removed from the bottoms of cars by thieves. The value and accessibility are the main reasons catalytic converters are more likely to be stolen than other car parts.

Catalytic converters cost around $800 – $1,200 on average. Making them one of the more expensive parts you could have stolen from your car, but if you have comprehensive coverage on your policy, this theft is likely to be covered. Talk to your agent about the risks of getting your catalytic converter stolen.

Vehicles that have luxury parts are more likely to have expensive catalytic converters. Sports cars, electric cars, and hybrids are all more costly to recover parts for, and they are more likely to have something stolen from them.

If your car smells funny or makes a noise you aren’t used to, check underneath to make sure nothing has been recently cut off, or bring it into an auto shop to ask about catalytic converter theft. Although your car will drive without a catalytic converter, once removed, the exhaust manifold pushes the exhaust into the outside air, making it toxic to the environment.

Location Matters

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Many car owners may not be aware when they move somewhere of how their location affects the price of insurance on their car. If you move to a high-crime area, your comprehensive coverage will be higher because there is a more significant risk of you filing a claim.

We’re not saying to pick up and move immediately if you are in a high-crime neighborhood. This advice is more to think about these things the next time you move. Small cities have 42% less crime than large cities. Do your research and learn about the crime rates in your city.

Keeping Your Car Safe

Leaving your car parked outside is always a dangerous and risky proposition. Windshields can be cracked, paint can deteriorate, and items inside the car are at higher risk of being stolen because criminals can look inside your vehicle.

Leaving your car outside is especially risky if you live in a high-crime area. Park inside a garage as often as possible. Lock your doors and install a security system on your car. Many newer cars already have great alarm systems, often ones to contact the authorities the second someone has broken into the vehicle.

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Although your comprehensive coverage will cover car parts that have been stolen, it won’t cover personal items such as video games, books, or other valuables that you leave in your car. If you do get these items stolen, see if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the cost of replacing them.

Lowering your risk of car theft is a multi-step process. You have to choose a vehicle with a low risk of being stolen. Think about getting comprehensive coverage so you will have as many scenarios covered as possible when a thief strikes. Add extra security measures and make smart decisions about where you park your car.

If all these things have been taken into account, you will have the peace of mind of knowing your car will be safe and not fall into the wrong hands.

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