Advantages of electric fuel pumps over mechanical fuel pumps

Generally we come across two separate pumps for fuel namely electrical and mechanical.

Most of the cars in modern world is equipped with the electric form of fuel pump systems because of certain advantages over the mechanical pumps.

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Smaller and lighter:

The electric fuel pump systems are much smaller and lighter as compared to it’s mechanical counterparts. This electric pump is generally placed inside the fuel tank. This is extremely useful because it helps to keep the pump cold from time to time and it ensures an ample amount of fuel supply which is steady and reliable as well. Since electric fuel pump systems are lighter, they are widely used and they justify the portability factor which otherwise would have raised a great sense of concern among people.

It deliver fuel at higher pressures:

The basic transition to fuel injections from carburetors has totally contributed to the downfall of mechanical pumps. This helped to build up the rise of electrical fuel injection systems which work exquisitely at fuel pressures which are definitely much higher than the pressure at which the mechanical pumps usually generate. This feature of delivering fuel at higher pressure makes electric fuel pumps very unique and makes it widely useful. The fuel injected engines in the modern world require gasoline to be delivered at higher pressure level.

This job is not possible for mechanical fuel pumps to perform and hence 95% of modern cars are equipped with electric fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pump systems usually work under the principle of suction which is sucking gas from the tank and delivering it to the engine where this form of pump is located. Electrical fuel pump systems provide a more reliable stream by pushing the fuel entirely.

Improved Safety:

It is often taken into account that mixing electricity with gas could be a very bad idea but locating the fuel pump especially inside gas tanks is actually very safe. This is because it helps to cool the pump and the gasoline constantly flows in the vicinity of the engine. Mechanical fuel pump systems however have pumps attached to the engine and they generally heat up the engine a lot which raises safety concerns. The pump in electric fuel systems is totally surrounded by liquid whereas in it’s mechanical counterparts it is totally surrounded by vapor making the environment explosive.

Highly Durable:

The electric fuel pump systems are highly durable and this quality help to improve the longevity of heavy duty cars and vehicles. ECU control unit which has been recently installed helps to switch off the pump whenever its not in use. Overheated engines in mechanical fuel pump systems often lead to engine failure and hindered the progress of vehicles.

Alleviating vapor lock issues:

Vapor lock issues generally attack vehicles that have gasoline fueled engines. It causes stalling and the loss of power is usually transient. Vapor lock totally depends on the volatility of the fuel. If the volatility is higher then the chances of alleviating vapor lock issues become difficult. Gasoline fueled engines should not be very old enough to welcome vapor lock issues. Electric fuel pump systems should prevent its liquid fuel getting changed to its gaseous form during the delivery system.

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