Kia Planning To Expand GT-Badget Models

We can expect New Kia GT-Badget models very soon. The fist one is new cee’d GT, we need to wait Kia presentation at Geneva Motor Show in next month.

New cee’d GT will debut at the next Geneva Motor Show and Kia announce a new design and  performance under the same label. GT cee’d and three-door version, pro_cee’d will be the first wave of the GT models that Kia Korean brand plans to offer European customers.

Right now Koreans are planning improve diesel version of the same model, and even more powerful petrol versions.

In the future we can expect GT versions other Kia models, especially those that are popular in the European markets. As the design of the Kia vehicle are dynamic seems logical tha Kia support other models with much powerful engine.

Right now there is no concrete announcement or the date when we can expect new GT model, but probably at the Rio GT and similar models will not have to wait long.

Kia GT cee’d Images Video

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