A Guide to Waxing Car in the Best Way

Guide to Waxing Car
A waxed car is as good as a new one. Though; if you go to some car spa to get it done, it might turn out to be a bit costly affair.

A waxed car is as good as a new one. Though; if you go to some car spa to get it done, it might turn out to be a bit costly affair. So, the question arises that how can you get your car waxed in a good way and at less cost. The answer is by waxing your car yourself. If you are able to do it the right way, your car is poised to look as if waxed at a very good spa. All that is required on your part is good preparation and a little hard work.

The first step towards waxing your car in the proper manner is by choosing the right type of wax for your car. Basically there are two types of wax, abrasive and nonabrasive and you have to choose among them on the basis of the surface of your car. If your car has dark surface or a non-shiny surface, abrasive wax can serve your purpose well but if your car has a shiny surface, nonabrasive wax should be your choice. The good part about non abrasive wax is that it works well on all types of surface.

After you have chosen the wax, the next step is to wash your car in a proper manner. For a good wash, you need to use a commercial washing product and with it wash your car properly and then dry it. It is very important to dry the car properly before waxing to get the best result. You need a soft and good quality sponge, and a piece of cloth or towel which is also soft and fine. Before you start to wax, you need to ensure that the car is parked in the shade as waxing delivers the best result when the surface of the car is cool. Such effective tips can also be found on websites like www.instafinish.com.

You start by applying some amount of wax on the sponge and applying it with the best way being of starting from the top and working towards the bottom of the car. Always work on a small section at a time and apply a little wax at a time, applying it in regular clockwise motion of the hand. While waxing, you should also avoid some specific areas of the car such as black coloured window trims and door seals of rubber as wax can cause discoloration in these parts.

In every section of the car, once you have applied wax, allow it to haze. Once this happens it is time to remove it in the way mentioned just discussed above. This way you cover all the sections of the car and eventually move on to the bottom panel in the last.

Regular application of wax to the car can not only make it appear beautiful but would also preserve its exterior from damage. The best cycle is considered to be of waxing the car four timer every year.

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