Toyota Recall: Tacoma affected

Toyota Tacoma recall affects about 4000 trucks in the US.

Toyota Tacoma recall affects about 4000 cars. Affected are Toyota Tacoma pickup trucks of 2013-2014 model years. The vehicles are equipped with 2.7-liter four-cylinder engines. The trucks are being recalled only from the United States.


It should be noted that no information has been put in the NHTSA’s (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) website concerning this recall. But the thing is that this recall is a part of a larger recall affecting about 33,000 Toyota automobiles globally. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Crown Comfort vehicles are affected by this larger recall


Let us now return to the actual Toyota Tacoma recall. The trucks are being called back due to a problem with the engine. The problem is that the engine valve springs are defective and the may lead to engine failure.


According to the automaker, the recall will start at December, this year. The owners of the affected trucks can take their vehicles to the dealerships and have them repaired free of charge.

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