Why Push Bikes for Toddlers?

New and better inventions are replacing the old ones that used to be popular back in the day.

Similarly bicycles and bikes with training wheels which were once thought of as the best first step for toddlers for learning to cycle, has been proven wrong with the release of the push bikes for toddlers. The mechanism of push bike has quickly proven the old legend about training wheels as false.

It has come to light recently, that when riding a bicycle with training wheels, children don’t learn to balance a cycle, which is the actual challenge in learning to ride a bicycle. Hence a push bike, which has no pedals at all and is intended to teach the kids to balance the bike and push it with their feet to get it to move, actually teaches them how to balance their cycle. This takes them through steps which are similar to actual cycling and hence as they learn to balance at an early age, cycling on a real bicycledoes not prove a challenge for them anymore.

Yes this kind of bicycle does make children more susceptible to minor bumps and scrapes that they might get when they learn to ride the bicycle. But they have to face this step now, and as it is a scientifically proven fact that children learn fast at an early age, they are better off learning how to balance earlier rather than later.This is also why wearing a helmet while on a push bike is very essential for your kid.

As the seats and handle bars are adjustable on a push bicycle, it is a bicycle that grows older with your kid and hence rids you of the expenses for changing bikes every year once your kid outgrows it. So when the decision comes to buy a bicycle for your toddler, remember push bikes are the way to go.

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