A Sporty Family Drive: New SEAT Leon ST Launches at Frankfurt Motor Show

SEAT has unveiled the new Leon ST – a compact estate car that offers a sporty twist on your standard family car.

Spanish car company SEAT has unveiled its brand-new Leon ST estate during the Volkswagen Group event at the 65th annual Frankfurt Motor Show. For fans of the family of Leon cars, the new SEAT Leon ST offers a brilliant mix of sportiness and practicality that proves that newer generations of estate cars can be just as stylish as they are functional.

The third variety of Leon model combines a typically stylish design (using the premium materials and high-quality craftmanship for which SEAT is known) with the precise handling and well-considered practical features that make SEATs such popular vehicles in the European motoring world. These include a number of thoughtful touches that make the car an ideal family vehicle in addition to a sporty drive for parents who would like to retain the fun of driving.

One of the most family-friendly features of this compact estate car is its generous and versatile luggage capacity, which surpasses that of the 5-door model. Its basic load capacity of 587 litres can be expanded to 1,470 litres by using convenient handles in the boot to fold down the rear seat backrests. The boot has also been specially designed to make it easier to load and unload large, bulky items, such as prams or sports equipment, which is perfect for busy families on the go.

There is also the option for retractable sunshades to rear-seat passengers out of the hot sun, and a panoramic sunroof for those who enjoy an increased sense of space. Families will also enjoy the option of folding tables attached to the rear of the front seats, for easy access to snacks, toys and other items, and the SEAT Easy Connect multimedia system for entertainment on long drives.

The new Leon ST also marks the debut of some exciting new technology that will eventually extend to the entire Leon range, but which is making its debut in the Leon ST at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The DCC Adaptive Chassis Control allows the driver to adjust the way in which the car handles based on their route, mood and current conditions through choosing from Sport, Eco or Comfort mode in the SEAT’s Drive Profile function, while an optional progressive steering system allows for increased manoeuvrability when driving under sporty conditions. Meanwhile, the ACC adaptive cruise control system allows you to set a speed and relax in the knowledge that the car will automatically monitor the proximity of surrounding traffic and adjust your speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front.

The release of the Leon ST also marks the appearance of the Leon ST Ecomotive, the brand’s most eco-friendly engine yet, with an impressive CO2 rating of just 87 g/km. Not only does this make it kinder on the environment, but it also contributes an exceptional fuel efficiency perfect for those looking to save money on their driving without compromising on style or convenience. This is further enhanced by the car’s remarkably lightweight body design, which incorporates a chassis made of high-strength steel to reduce weight without compromising on safety, quality and durability.

A practical yet fun car, with strong eco credentials and plenty of clever tech – the new SEAT Leon ST shows every sign of becoming a hit among families.

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