Class Action Lawsuit against BMW

The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian filed a class action against BMW.

California based Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian has filed a class action lawsuit against BMW of North America, LLC. The reason why the class action lawsuit has been filed is that the automaker has been manufacturing and advertising defective BMW and MINI vehicles. The number of the defective vehicles exceeds one million. This means that at least one million people may have been injured or suffered damages due to the defect.


The manufacturer is to be blamed for selling vehicles that have defective Auto Start Stop systems. The problem is that the system makes the engine turn off as soon as the automobile is stopped but then it fails to start working again when the engine is again on. Also, the problems with the Auto Start Stop system cause wear of different engine parts. The defect may result in serious accidents and even fatalities.

According to the plaintiffs, the automaker was aware of the defect but it was hiding it from the consumers. Moreover, the automaker did not perform a recall in order to fix the problem.


According to Hovanes Margarian who is the lead attorney of the class action lawsuit against BMW of North America, LLC, the dealers failed to document repair visits by the owners.


This means that if the consumers decide to file lemon law claim against the automaker, they will not have enough evidence to prove that the vehicles were really defective. The dealerships thus functioned illegally, as well.


The class action lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, Central District. However, it may soon be removed to Federal Court, as it concerns not only the residents of California but other states, as well.


If you think that your BMW or MINI is also defective, then you can contact the Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian at 818-990-0418.

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