What Makes Moving Trucks Different From Other Trucks?

What Makes Moving Trucks Different From Other Trucks?

Whether you’re relocating to another suburb or across the country, you’ll need to utilise the right type of vehicle. To make the job a lot easier, you should rent or buy an actual moving truck. These differ from standard trucks in a great many ways, all of which ensure your goods get to their destination in a safe, simple manner. So that you don’t get confused and use the wrong form of transport, this guide will go over a few of the most important qualities which are found only in removals vehicles.


Covered Cargo Area


While you might be tempted to use a pickup truck or trailer for your next relocation, exposing your belongings to the elements like that can be risky especially if you’ll be driving a long way. Instead, make sure that your truck has a fully covered cargo bay. This type of vehicle is called a box truck and is commonly found in the moving industry as they are ideal for hauling large items like furniture and boxes. When looking for the perfect vehicle for your move, make sure to choose one of these covered cargo bay options. In this category, there are two truck choices available:


A cargo area that’s separate from the cab

A cargo area that’s grafted to the cab


The difference here is whether you have access to the back directly from the driver’s seat. Since you’ll likely be filling the back with heavy items, there is no need for this as the entrance will probably be blocked by your many household belongings.


Hydraulic Lift Gate


You’ll also need a way to get your heavier items up into the cargo bay. Because of this, almost all moving trucks come with a hydraulic lift gate attached to the rear. These additions make loading for removals in Sydney so much easier as you don’t have to lift everything up into the back of the truck using your own strength. Instead, you can simply roll everything onto the platform and rely on the hydraulics to raise everything into the back. Pressing a few buttons is a lot less hassle than lifting everything on your own! For this reason, you should ensure your moving truck has one of these lift gates at the back. Again, these can come in two versions:


The back door can swing down to double as the lift gate

The lift gate emerges from underneath the back doors


Both types will be suitable for your move, provided of course that they are well-maintained and in full working order when your big removals day finally arrives.


U-Bolts in the Cargo Area


One last feature that may be different when comparing moving trucks to standard vehicles is the inclusion of U-bolts in the cargo areas. These are certainly essential since they offer added stability with loading the moving truck with your gear. Whether you are using rope or plastic cables to tie down your belongings, having somewhere to attach them to the vehicle wall will result in a safer ride for your furniture, ornaments and more. For this reason, the best moving trucks will always have a series of U-bolts attached to the interiors of their cargo area with which you can then secure your valuables in the right manner.


These three features are what make the average moving truck different to the typical transport vehicles that we see in our day-to-day lives. Whether you’re hiring or buying one of these trucks, double check whether they come with the above features. If they do, you’ll have a much easier time when it comes to relocating to your new home!

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