The Worst Tuning Ever: Passat CC Tuned by FolienCenter-NRW

Passat CC tuning fail. German tuning company FolienCenter-NRW tuned Passat CC.

German tuning house – FolientCenter-NRW – tuned Passat CC for one of their clients. Lack of imagination and clumsy play with colors are the first impressions to kick in once you behold the vehicle. Even though matter of tastes should not and cannot be a quarrel-ground, predominant brown color is not much of a choice. 

Blind shot on the colors emerges the most upon interior’s exposure as it is sprayed in three different colors – black, white and mat brown – with brown exterior. 


To make things jump from bad to worse, Passat CC was mounted Bentley Mulliner wheels. For the sake of comparison – it would be almost the same as if they placed Lamborghini’s wheels on a Porsche – a terror. 


As for the engine, vehicle sports 2.0-liter diesel aggregate of 210 HP. It did not take much of a genius to increase the horse powers via ECU modification. The surprising thing is that the number of reputable websites like Autoevolution, Wordlcarfans or Topspeed popped a positive review on above described tuning. 


Trust nobody’s writings but rather have your own eyes make a judgment. Have a look at the gallery. 

Passat CC Tuning
Passat CC Tuning by German company FolientCenter-NRW.


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