The Custom Ferrari F40 In White

The Ferrari F40 is a legend, this one is special! This is first F40 Ferrari in white color I ever seen.

If you ask me the Custom Ferrari F40 looks amazing, everyone knows that all F40’s comes in Ferrari red colour, but Japanese tuning house Liberty Walk decide paint F40 in white color.

This is not just painted F40, Japanese tuning company (Liberty Walk) added a custom spoiler, unique wheels, a new air suspension, eight-piston Brembo brakes and a unique rear bumper. So we get first custom F40 ever!

Ferrari F40
The Custom Ferrari F40 tuned by Liberty Walk (Photo credit: Speedhunters).


Speedhunters did a photo shoot, so make sure to check all photos on their page.

“Jalopnik about F40: It is said that in Japanese culture, white is the color of mourning and death. But there’s absolutely nothing to be sad about if you had this white Ferrari F40 in your garage.”

Custom Ferrari F40, Liberty Walk Video by XCAR films

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