Volkswagen Recall: 2.64M Cars affected

Volkswagen has issued a massive recall worldwide.

Volkswagen recall affects about 2.64 million vehicles worldwide. The massive recall is caused by three different problems that have occurred in different Volkswagen cars.


Let us now start with Tiguan vehicles that are of 2008-2011 model years. Affected are about 800,000 cars. Cars are being recalled to replace the fuse that may cause a failure in one of the vehicle light circuits. The dealers will replace the fuse with another one and this will not take much time to do.


In the second recall 239,000 Amarok pickup trucks are being recalled. In these vehicles fuel may leak resulting in fires.


The last and the largest recall is the one affecting about 1.6 million vehicles. The affected vehicles are equipped with seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The thing is that if synthetic oil is used in the gearbox, the vehicle may suffer electric malfunctions. The dealers will change the synthetic oil and fill the gearbox with mineral one.


The owners will be notified about the recalls soon and the dealers will fix all the vehicles included in this Volkswagen recall free of charge.

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