The Race for the First Driverless Car

Learn about how car manufacturers are racing to create the first driverless car.

Do you enjoy driving? Or does the daily commute in rush hour traffic make you feel like you’re wasting your time, leaving you stressed and irritable by the time you get to work?


As human beings, we’re prone to error. Sometimes we’re great at making judgements and reacting on instinct, but we can also panic, or get distracted, or have our reactions slowed by tiredness or alcohol.


Car manufacturers are working hard at the moment to reduce the margin for human error by producing cars which sense danger, react to hazards and navigate your journey for you.  

Billions of dollars are being spent by manufacturers including Audi, Toyota and Mercedes in a race to bring the first “driverless car” to the market. Some of the technology is already available in vehicles, such as hazard sensors, but car makers are working to make it more intelligent, responsive and powerful.


This infographic from Carloan4u shows the progress of each manufacturer and makes a prediction about who will make that all important first breakthrough.

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