Pimp My Ride: 5 Upgrades You Won’t Regret

This article gives good ideas on upgrades for your car.

Although there is nothing wrong with keeping a vehicle in its stock form, customizing your ride will help to set it apart from the rest of crowd. Car enthusiasts from all around the world take great pride in making enhancements to their car. Here are five upgrades to your vehicle that you will not regret.



Many drivers underestimate the importance of a vehicle’s braking system. Not only does upgrading the brakes improve the car’s driving dynamics, but a high-performance braking system also enhances the safety profile of your ride. Upgrading the braking system is especially important if you have intentions of increasing the vehicle’s horsepower output. The factory braking system is not designed to endure the increased stress.



A new set of rims will instantly change the entire curb appeal of your vehicle. While some motorists choose to upgrade their wheels for aesthetic reasons, there are others that are interested in improving the handling characteristics of their vehicle. Performance wheels are typically a lot lighter than the stock wheels, which means that the vehicle will handle better.


Exhaust System

The factory exhaust is probably hindering your engine’s performance potential. Furthermore, most factory exhaust systems sound puny. If you really want to wake up your engine, then you will need to install an aftermarket exhaust system. As soon as you pump the gas pedal, you will notice the increase throttle response and aggressive exhaust note.



The right set of aftermarket tires will definitely take your vehicle to the next level. Whether you are sprinting around the track or just making your daily commute, the tires can either make or break the driving experience. If you own a 4X4 vehicle, you will be surprised at the difference that a set of fierce attitude mt tires will make when tackling tough terrains.


Suspension System

The stock suspension system is engineered to get the job done with no problems. However, the difference between a stock suspension setup and an aftermarket unit is like night and day. Aftermarket suspension systems improve the road handling and give the vehicle a bold stance that everyone will notice.


After you are done making all of these upgrades, you will never look at your vehicle the same again. Not only will your ride drive better than ever, but the enhanced appearance will definitely capture the attention of the onlookers.

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