Maintenance guide before camping travel

Maintenance guide camping before travel.

1, caravan awnings


The awning is essential for RV camping life, experienced a summer expose to the weather, rain erosion, therefore, in the new season, before the awning self-test is also important. Experienced owners would put tarpaulin, with a soft brush (or dry mop, sponge) were preliminarily clean, and then use the special cleaning with a good agent scrub awning rolled up front, a few minutes, and then rinse with water, dried, rolled away. The hardware part of the awning in order to carry out investigation, and then to the button, a handle and knob, coated with oil, lubricating oil should be avoided as much as possible oil dripping on the awning cloth.

Note: thoroughly rinse the detergent from the sunshade waterproof function recovery is very important, it must be treated with caution.


2, car air-conditioning

Usually, before the start of RV camping, should have a routine check of car air-conditioning, including filter, air conditioner case etc.. Especially the long distance travel, such as Brisbane to Sydney.The expert suggests to turn on the air conditioner, and debugging, to ensure that the conditioner to justify the use of.

First, check the air filter. If the filter is foam material, should remove the clean; if the conditioner disposable filter is used, should be replaced immediately. Second, carefully check all parts of air conditioner and the casing, once found the air conditioner casing loose or broken, the warm air drying function will be disorder. Next, check the air conditioning condenser leaf blade, ensure no bending. Generally speaking, the condenser without frequent replacement, and the replacement blade prices enough to buy a new air conditioning, so do not recommend replacement blades. Finally, the casing and clean the air conditioner. To remove the dirt attached to the surface.


3, car refrigerator

Car refrigerator and refrigerator are different, their working principles and recovery from are not the same. Car refrigerator especially owners need meticulous care “”. Typically, car refrigerator fault comes from the liquid propane gas system, abnormal but also AC or DC system can also cause car refrigerator.

According to the following self-test step, the owner can easily diagnose the car refrigerator, and one by one to exclude. First, open the refrigerator check running state power; secondly, check operation liquid propane gas detector, ensure the connection unimpeded propane gas and the refrigerator device. Usually, liquid propane gas detector is installed in the vicinity of the kitchen area of floor. Check liquid propane gas tank. Liquid propane gas tank is usually installed in the car at the entrance to the door, and was not locked, in order to facilitate the emergency situation, you can open the propane gas out. Check valve. Open the refrigerator ventilation hole cover plate, the valve can be found, check.

Check the power supply work. The refrigerator is open, self diagnosis device will display “LP (Bing Wan)” the words, in a few seconds, self diagnosis device screen corner will be a flashing point; if the connection is the shore, the display will appear “AC (air conditioning)”, also, in seconds, self diagnosis device screen corner there will be a flashing dots.


4, the car water pump

The water pump in the RV camping play a decisive role in life, but also prone to failure in the beat all circumstances. Currently on the market most car equipment is safe Le (Shurflo) 12 volt DC electric water pump, even if the car into the camp, connected to 120 volts AC power transformer, car also will be transformed into 12 volt DC power for internal circulation.

The following is the pump fault detection project:

Whether the residual water tank, accumulation of these water stains, can interfere with water to a certain extent the normal work; should regularly inspect the fuse, in order to ensure that the water pump and the power of the normal connection; connection check battery and transformer and pump regularly; regularly check the wire, avoid the blackout or short circuit; when the water pump water supply is abnormal, can check whether the blockage or rupture of the rubber diaphragm. This step can be achieved by removing the pump box three screws; open the shut-off valve, check the water supply pipe is connected between the net water tank and a water pump is smooth.


5, RV freshwater cleaning system

In order to ensure clean and safe water car potable water system, the need for RV freshwater system for periodic cleaning. Before the Golden Week travel, the best to the saloon car drinking water system to conduct a thorough cleaning.

The traditional method is to use home bleaching agent cleaning every faucet, then rest for at least three hours, and finally washing water system for more than two times to remove taste. The fresh water tank filled with water, then the water heater for hot water to cool off. And then placed in a gallon of water and 1/4 cups of household bleach in 15 gallons of fresh water tank. The solution of chlorine and water into fresh water tank. (do not direct the bleaching powder into water tank). Using chlorine aqueous cleaning every tap once, then two minutes of chloride. The best process standing more than three hours, and at the same time the night of the best, drain plug until then open hot water tank water emptying. Row after closing all valves and drain plug, and then again in the fresh water tank with clean water. Repeated several times that do not feel the smell of bleach can rest assured that the use of the.


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