Main Causes of Seatbelt Defects

Following are several causes of seatbelt failure.

Seatbelts like airbags and tires and other car parts may be defective. Seatbelt defects may result in crashes and injuries. There are different causes of seatbelt failure, following are the main ones:


Seatbelts are made of webbing. This material should be firm and durable. If the webbing is faulty, then it may easily tear during a crash resulting in injuries.


Inertial unlatching of the buckle is another cause of seatbelt failure. If the buckle unlatches by a sudden hit of an elbow or the arm, then the seatbelt may fail again resulting in fatalities.


Another cause of seatbelt failure may be the improper design of 3-point lap/shoulder belts. Here, the whole force of the seatbelt falls on the abdomen of the passenger. During a crash the head and the upper torso of the passenger or the driver are not protected. This may occur in the case of a lap-only belt, too.


Another cause of seatbelt defects is retractor failure. If the retractors of the seatbelt fail to lock, then the extra slack may occur. This means that the seatbelt will not be able to restrain the passenger during a crash.


False latching may occur resulting in seatbelt failure. In such a case it seems that the seatbelt is in its place. However, during a crash it may turn out that the seatbelt has not been latched properly. The seatbelt in this case may go loose and fail to restrain the passengers.


There may be other causes of seatbelt failure, too. If you have suffered injuries or damages due to seatbelt failure or if your vehicle seems to be defective, you should turn to a good lemon law attorney. The Law Offices of Hovanes Margarian is a California based law firm that deals with lemon law and dealer fraud cases. You can call lemon law lawyer Hovanes Margarian for a free phone consultation at 818.990.0418.

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