Common Car buying Mistakes

This article is about the most common car buying mistakes that car shoppers make.

Car shoppers usually make car buying mistakes. These mistakes lead to frustrations, loss of money and time. In order not to make such mistakes one should have preliminary knowledge about them. Thus, following are the most common mistakes that car buyers make:


Lack of research

The internet is a huge source of information for everyone. So, all the car shoppers should make use of internet resources to find out cars, models, prices, dealerships, quotes on different cars and so on. Lack of online research will result in a situation in which you will not be able to decide which model or price range is the most suitable for you.


Financing mistake

If you have got a good credit score then you should NOT finance your car purchase with the dealership. Dealerships usually offer higher interest rates than, for example, credit unions, banks or online lenders. So, first of all, before deciding what the best financing option for you is, it is advisable that you look at your credit score first.


Avoiding the test drive

As a car shopper it is necessary for you to perform a test drive of the vehicle you are planning to buy. The thing is that the car may look quite good, but you need to try it, otherwise you will not be able to decide whether it is in good condition or not. According to some car experts, you should ask for at least a 15 minutes test drive to be able to decide whether the vehicle fits your needs or not.


These were some of the most common car buying mistakes made by car shoppers. Continue reading my articles to learn more about car tips and news.

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