Buying a Car from a Dealer

Read to learn about the advantages of buying a car from a dealer rather than a private seller

Buying a car from a dealer has got many advantages. However, car shoppers often do not know which option to choose: to buy the car from a dealer or from a private seller. This article will help you see that buying from a dealer is much more effective than buying from a private party.


   When purchasing a vehicle people need peace of mind; they do not want their vehicle to turn out to be a previous wreck or a flood-damaged car or something similar. Dealerships are obligated by the law to reveal all known facts about the vehicles they are selling. This means that even if the dealership misrepresents the vehicle, you will be able to get legal remedies if you have been defrauded.

   On the other hand, if you are buying a vehicle from a private seller, you will never know for sure whether the vehicle you are buying has ever been flooded, wrecked, damaged and stolen or not. You will hardly be able to prove that the private seller was aware about the vehicle’s condition at the moment of sales.


   Besides, buying from a dealership will provide you with the chance of getting additional equipment for your used car, such as: extended warranty, paint sealant, window etching, roof protection, alarm system and much more. Here, of course, you should be careful not to overpay the dealer for all these add-ons, as there are some dealers over there that are eager to make extra money on advertising costly add-ons.


Another advantage of buying a car from a dealer is that dealers may offer different options of financing for you. You may either lease the car, or buy it paying cash, or take a loan, or you can trade-in your old car. In the case of buying from a private seller, you will have one option only; paying cash.


   Of course, when buying a car from a dealer you will have to pay more money as compared to buying from a private party, however, all the advantages of buying from a dealer are worth the money you are paying.

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