Avoid Fraudulent MOT Certificates

Tips to help avoid fraudulent MOT Certificates when you buy a car.

When it comes to buying a new car it can be a real nightmare, whether it is at a garage with pushy salesmen or private with the seller telling you it is in great condition. Many details can be missed when it comes to buying a car and forded MOT certificates is an increasing problem. You may be in the industry where you buy several cars at one time. You do not want to find out down the road that your vehicles have forged MOT certificates, this means you or your employees have been driving in illegal cars. Follow some of the tips below to avoid buying a car with false documentation.

Many people do the usual checks of looking for damage, sounds or leaks when testing a car you are interested in buying but it is now becoming more important to check the documentation of the vehicle is accurate. The MOT regulations have changed where by a paper MOT certificate is no longer valid proof of an MOT and is just a receipt for the car. Car details are now being stored online on the VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) website. The storage of details online has now been in place since October 2011.

This now means that MOT Certificate forms are now downloadable and can be edited by people in a fraudulent manner. MOT Centre Colchester recommend anyone buying a car to look online to find out all the necessary car details rather than trusting paper certification.

If you are interested in buying a used car make sure you do your research before making the final purchase. To find out full detail about the vehicle check online on the VOSA website and look at the car history, the website will tell you whether the car has a valid MOT or not. By checking online and not trusting the paper certificate you are not running the risk of buying a car without a valid MOT. If you don’t check online and the new car you have bought doesn’t have a valid MOT you will be driving an illegal car. You then run the risk of getting pulled over in the future and your MOT certificate being fake, this will result in you being prosecuted, not the seller of the car.

The main objective here is to be careful and make sure you check over the car documentation as thoroughly as you look over the car physically. To do this look online rather than trusting the paper certificates.

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