Thinking Of Buying A New Car? The Pros & Cons of European Models

This article gives useful advice for anyone debating a european car purchase.

European cars have always garnered much respect from the automotive world. Whether it is a luxurious sedan or a high-performance sports car, European vehicles are highly-touted for their excellent craftsmanship and innovative engine designs. However, there are a few disadvantages to owning a European vehicle as well. Here are the pros and cons of buying a new European car model.


Resale Value


One of the biggest advantages to buying a new European car is that you can expect its worth to slowly depreciate over time. Even after three years of ownership, the typical European vehicle is still able to retain most of its value. This is good news for the motorists that tend to keep a vehicle for a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, a limited-edition model may even increase its value in the long run.


Performance-Focused Driving Dynamics


Contrasted with some of the other cars on the market, European automobiles are usually designed to give the ultimate in driver satisfaction. The cars can easily handle curvy roads with the utmost agility. Due to the fact that European roads are generally narrower, the driver needs a sharp handling car because of the decreased room for error. Most European models are also equipped with a manual gearbox, which promotes a quicker performance and enhanced gas mileage.


Fit & Finish


Many car enthusiasts applaud European cars for their overall build quality. Even after several years of use, the vehicles still have very few rattles or creaks coming from the interior components. This is probably one of the reasons that some Americans purchase European cars as status symbols.


Expensive to Maintain


The long-term expense of maintaining a European model is definitely a disadvantage. After the initial warranty is over, the owner must fund any maintenance or repairs. Not only are the parts more expensive, but many repair shops charge extra to repair some European cars. Often times, the owner is forced to take their vehicle to a specialty auto shop that caters to their particular brand of car. If the ecu testing reveals a failed component, then prepare to shell out even more cash.


Higher Price Tag


If you are in the market for a brand-new European vehicle, then expect to pay a few thousand dollars more than a similarly equipped domestic car model. A fully-loaded European vehicle with all the bells and whistles pushes the initial costs up even higher.

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