Check Out the Multi-Featured Scorpio in India

This article discusses the multi featured SUV – Mahindra Scorpio in great detail.

The Mahindra Scorpio SUV was launched in India in the year 2002 and from then on has commanded a good share of the market in this segment. It has to its credit several awards, both for its technology as well as the value it provides. When the vehicle was being conceptualized, the idea was to create a car that could take the ruggedness of uneven terrain, without punishing the occupants of the car. An all-terrain vehicle was what finally emerged.


The Scorpio comes fitted with a range of engines, based on your choice. You can take your pick from a Micro Hybrid or diesel version if you are looking at a powerful vehicle. This will be assembled along with a tough exterior, which is high on the style quotient. One look at the grille and fenders, and a sense of dominance over all will be established.


What Features in the Package?

Technical details: The Scorpio in India is a 4 stroke one with a turbo charged DI engine. It is a 2609CC car with 115 HP powering up at 3800 rpm. It gives you a gross torque of 28.3 Kgm when powered at 1700-2200 rpm. It has a 5 gear manual set up and radial tubeless tyres. The suspension is designed to be a double wish-bone with a torsion bar in the front and a semi-elliptical leaf spring that comes with a dual action hydraulic shock absorber.


The car is equipped with disc brakes in the front and drum brakes at the bank and the fuel tank carries a capacity of 80 liters. With an average mileage of 14kmpl, a full tank can get you to a lot of places. The turning circle radius of the car is 5.6 m for 2WD and it has a ground clearance of 180mm.


Unique features: There are several Scorpio specifications that truly set it apart from the others in the category. For starters, itsmHawk Engine is state-of-the-art and brings together a 2.2 litre, 4-cylinder diesel engine which takes your Scorpio from 0 to 60 in 5.7 seconds flat. Add to this 120 bhp of power at your disposal, and you have a special class of vehicle on your hands.


With the Scorpio’s micro-hybrid technology you can enjoy several interesting features. The car goes into standby mode when it is not in use for a specific amount of time. This is a duration that you can preset, giving you full control of your car. It is an ideal way to conserve fuel and do your small bit for the planet as well.


It is a car that will make you feel special. It comes with a Voice Assist System that greets you when you first get into the car. You will also be given voice alerts when the fuel is running low, when you have forgotten about your parking brake and if your engine is over-heating. Some of the latest features included with the car are dual airbags that take the safety factor a notch higher. Considering that this is an all-terrain vehicle, this is something that can be of great use. Anti-locking brake system of the car too puts complete control in your hand, making sure that every surface you touch is skid-proof.


Some of the other features also include high-end audio controls which allow you to switch through your choice of radio channels as well as audio modes without taking your eyes off the road. All of the controls are now on the steering wheel. There are crumple zones that have been introduced at strategic points of the car to ensure that the impact on collision is minimal and distributed around the car to minimize damage. Child lock systems in place have been introduced with your child’s safety in mind.


Especially since this is an all-terrain vehicle, the presence of a cruise control option is just what you needed. All you need to do is press a button and the cruise control begins to commandeer the car, giving you the flexibility of adjusting the speed of the car if you need to. Finally we have the smart rain and light sensors. They are smart because they have been engineered to turn on wipers automatically when it begins to rain. The speed of the wiper too can be controlled based on the intensity of the rain. Based on the kind of ambient lighting around the car, the headlights go on and off, so entering a tunnel is all the more safer now.


Price for the car varies with Scorpio dealers you approach and the city in which you are making your purchase. The model of the car also plays a role. All of the prices you see online during your research will be an ex-showroom figure. You will have to add in local taxes as applicable. Bottom line is that you will find a car that will suit your style and wallet.

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