Clever Tips for Purchasing Campervans

Clever Tips for Purchasing Campervans

If you’ve decided to make a holiday investment and purchase your very own motorhome, you’re definitely in for a treat. These handy vehicles are an affordable method of touring the country without having to worry about accommodation along the way. Of course, you’ll have to be careful when purchasing one of these vehicles, especially if you’re looking over used models. Below, you’ll find advice on four crucial phases of the buying process so that you can handle each moment properly and gain a campervan that suits you perfectly.


Choose Your Type


Before you even arrange to have a look at a particular vehicle, you should do your research on the various models available. Visit the websites of different dealers and manufacturers and have a look at what they’ve got available. If you spot any model that looks great, hop onto a campervan forum and ask those who have actually driven that type if it’s worth the purchase or not. In this way, you’ll get the dealer’s information as well as third hand experience about that particular make of camper. When comparing models, you should think about length, fuel consumption and performance on the road. Also look at on-board features, living space and luxury fixtures, and determine whether this is suitable for any upcoming road trips.


Look at Market Value


Once you have found a model that’s suitable, you will then have to find out its estimated price. With new vehicles, this will be quite easy as the price won’t vary too much from dealer to dealer. However, if you’re after a second-hand motorhome, your job gets a bit more difficult. To work out the estimated market value, take a look at a number of auto catalogues. Even a firm dealing in campervan hire in Sydney may be offloading a few of their vehicles. Finally, take a look at a car pricing guide to get a decent idea of how much you should pay. Do your research, look at a number of different sources, and you should be able to find the model of motorhome that you want at a price that’s what you would expect.


Examine the Condition


Once you’ve spotted the right make of camper at a reasonable price, you’ll then have to test it out in person. Make an appointment to go over the interior and exterior of that motorhome to make sure everything is in working condition. In particular, you should look at:


The physical appearance and damage such as scratches and dents

All interior fixtures to make sure everything is in working order

The camper’s furniture, ensuring it all functions in the right manner


Go over everything with a fine-tooth comb. If you’re buying a used vehicle, chances are there will be some damage. You just need to ask yourself how much is acceptable when buying your motorhome. Some aesthetic scratches will be alright, after all, while a broken appliance will be out of the question. Set your own limits and you’ll pass this stage with ease.


Take It for a Test Drive



Finally, you should never purchase any campervan without testing it out on the road first. This is especially true when it comes to used vehicles as there may be engine troubles you’re not aware of initially. Ask the owner if you can go for a test drive before purchasing the motorhome. If they have nothing to hide, they’ll most likely say yes. If they don’t though, this is a sure sign that you should go running for another deal. After all, you’ll be taking your new camper for long distances, so everything should be right as rain with the engine.

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