Next-gen BMW X6 Will Be Longer and More Aggressive Due Late 2014

This report is involving 2015 BMW X6 that is going to adopt a more aggresive look and as we know is going to be longer than previous model.

It’s going to be a new model but it will be ridden as third – Gen X5 but will more aggressive styling.  From BMW said that it’s going to be a more sporting model with individual and more attractive look. Don’t think it’s going to be a Batman car but who knows let’s see!


Next- Gen BMW X6 is going to provide additional legroom for the rear passengers thanks to elongated wheelbase and under the hood will be hidden real monster. Thanks to 6-cylinder gasoline and diesel engines powered by the V8s engine BMW X6 next-gene is going to be a very powerful automobile.


It’s expected to make public debut 2014 in Moscow Motor Show before the BMW company starts to sell this model at the third quarter 2014.

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