5 Awesome Ideas for Your Bland and Lonely Work Van

Believe it or not, your utility vehicle says a lot about your company.

Every day, your old work van sits outside your business, its color slowly fading under the bright sun. Sure, you use the van to go and get supplies every now and then, but not as much as you used to since you now have enough money to have things delivered straight to your business in bulk, You have thought about selling the vehicle, but you just know that it could still benefit your business in some way. Here is a quick look at 5 awesome ideas for how you can turn your work van into something amazing.

Personal Deliveries


While you might be able to make a tidy profit by selling your van at a place such as Anchor Vans, you might be able to take your vehicle and turn it into something that is able to offer your customers personal service. While your van might have been used to go and get supplies, you might want to consider using it to offer a local delivery service. This will allow for people to order products online or over the phone and have them shipped to their house, which can be a great service. This also gives you the chance to connect with customers and visit them at their homes.

Mobile Business


Have you ever considered making your business mobile? No matter your type of business, there is more than likely some way that you can offer products and services from your van. For example, if you sell office supplies, consider getting permission to set up a mobile shop out of your van somewhere on a college campus. If you are creative enough, you can take your business to your customers no matter where they are.



If you are able to renovate your van a little bit, you might be able to use it for the transportation of clients that are coming to visit you from out of town. This is especially useful if you are going to have a large number of people flying into town, since you more than likely will not want to take multiple cars to the airport or have them rent something of their own.

Give it to Charity


If have a charitable heart and a thing that you want to support, give away your van to a local charity. You might find that the charity is in great need of a vehicle, and you can have the great feeling of knowing that you are helping the less fortunate. If you want to still get something out of this deal for your business, consider placing a small advertisement on the van, while still giving it away. This will help to create a mobile advertisement that people will associate with an organization that they more than likely already love.

Have a Contest


Integrate your social media pages with a contest that has people come up with designs for your van. You more than likely will get a large number of creative submissions for the design, which will help to draw attention to something that may have been seen as nothing more than a bland and old van. Once a design is decided upon, put this on your van along with an advertisement for your business. This is a great way to get your customers to participate and share your business with others while also creating an awesome form of advertising.

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