The new Luxury Edition Range Rover with Concave Truck Wheels and New Style

The Range Rover has undergone some new design changes and one British company was the first to redesign the new model with new body work, concave truck wheels, and refreshed interior.

Range Rover has set the standard for luxury SUVs in the automotive marketplace. Their off road capabilities coupled with overall performance, styling, and luxury refinements make them very desirable for those that need a premium SUV capable of going through anything. Their classic boxy shape has only slightly changed over the years, and with the new generation of Range Rover, the British automaker transformed the car into a modern and contemporary SUV with premium looks while retaining its classic shape. The shift to more modern styling began with the new Range Rover Evoque and has since spread across the lineup with the goal of making them more appealing to a younger demographic. Although the new Range rover is still relatively new, not much has been done by aftermarket companies to alter the styling. One British design company became the first and created an entire styling program for the inside and out of the Range Rover using new body work, concave truck wheels, exhaust tips, and interior luxury goodies.


The new luxury variant created by the aftermarket design company makes the Range Rover SUV even more appealing to the consumer. The entire design of the vehicle is more distinct and modern thanks to the new body kit at the front and rear. The front fascia was given a new lower bumper extension and a new front bumper that features LED daytime running lights integrated into the side vents. A new grille replaces the factory unit and features a three dimensional insert with smooth mesh behind it to change the face of the SUV. At the rear is a new roof spoiler and trunk lid spoiler that generates downforce at high speeds and puts more pressure on the concave truck wheels to make more contact with the pavement.


Below the spoilers sit a new rear bumper with integrated exhaust tips. These tips were designed with a special cross hair design and positioned along each side of the bumper to create a more aggressive and sporty look.


Beneath the front and rear wheel arches sit new concave truck wheels. The new rims were installed in a 10.5 x 21 setup and given a fresh gunmetal grey finish. Behind the concave truck wheels sit gold painted brake calipers.


Inside of the new Range Rover is a finely trimmed cabin. The front seats were both replaced with new sport seats covered in red leather and contrasting black stitching. The center console and glove box wear red leather as well but with quilted black stitching. Facing the driver is a red steering wheel insert and red gauges to match the new leather.

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