How HID Xenon Kits Work

HID, or High Intensity Discharge in full, refers to a range of light bulbs that are filled with xenon gas, instead of the normal filament that is found in the regular bulbs.

HID, or High Intensity Discharge in full, refers to a range of light bulbs that are filled with xenon gas, instead of the normal filament that is found in the regular bulbs.  The gas inside the bulbs ignites when exposed to a high voltage of electricity thereby producing light. When you compare them to the regular halogen bulb, the HID xenon lights actually produce close to three times more light. The xenon gas also changes the color of the light depending on the temperature which is as a result of its temperature such that the greater the temperature, the clearer the light produced.    


The xenon HID kit therefore refers to the entire system that is used to produce and discharge the high intensity components. The kit normally holds a lamp holder, ballast and a set of wires. The kit itself is used to provide the support system at the back end of the entire lighting system that is used for lighting the automobile. The end user receives a kit that has a set of instructions on how they can install it by themselves. The mechanism that is employed by the kit is only suitable for working with the high intensity discharge system. 


A regular HID kit normally has a set of two ballasts, two bulbs and all the wiring that is required; the ballasts are basically igniters. In order to ignite the xenon gas, the HID bulbs will consume at least 20,000 volts and you need the ballasts that have a very high voltage line in order for this to be accomplished. It is the ballast that ignites the bulbs such that light is emitted. After the bulb has been ignited, you will only require 85 watts for it to remain lit. 


The xenon kit has everything you require in order to change you car’s lighting system from halogen to HID. You will get two HID bulbs in together with two single or a dual counterbalance, a set of connectors and the wiring you require in order to replace the halogen light as well as a guide and a user’s manual. From the user’s manual you will get every bit of information you require regarding the HID kit and the guide will give you a step by step formula from the beginning to the end of the process of installation. 


The main reason why many motorists prefer the High Intensity Discharge bulbs is the fact that they burn much brighter than the regular halogen bulbs. The quality of light that is produced is more superior and therefore brighter especially when one is driving in conditions where lighting is not very good. This is very helpful to the human eye because you will be able to see brighter and further. Since the amount of light produced is at least three times better than the conventional halogen lamps, driving in the dark or when it is foggy or raining will not be such a challenge at the end of the day. You should also consider that these xenon bulbs are also energy efficient and will therefore conserve your battery light.   


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This article has been written by Mohit Jain who is a car fanatic and loves sports cars. He currently writes for HID Xenon Lights Depot, a company based in Canada selling made in Germany HID Kits.

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