Car Wreck? Six Ideas For Finding Extra Money To Pay For It All

A car wreck doesn’t only destroy your mode of transportation, it also hurts your wallet or purse. This article covers six different ideas for the financial woes following a car accident.

Has a car wreck put you in a financial bind? There is no way to plan for an accident, and this means bills can pile up very fast. Sure, insurance might have covered some of it, but some people run into situations where insurance can’t help. Relieve the stress by following these tips for getting the cash you need.


Sell old items online


It is true that one man’s trash can be another man’s treasure. Search your home for items you can part with, such as old electronics, clothes, small appliances and exercise equipment. List such items on a site like Craigslist. You can set the price and choose what form of payment you will accept.


If you have an old laptop sitting around, consider using a site that pays you for used computers. You might get more money this way than selling a computer to a consumer.


Get a loan


When you need money very quickly, often the best option is to get a fast loan. Banks sometimes take a while to approve a loan, and so you should visit a company such as to get your loan faster – sometimes you can get it within minutes.


Get a temporary part time job


When you do not want to commit to an extra job long-term, go through a temp agency. You will need to fill out an application and most agencies require you to take a skills test, but after that, they can help you find temporary work to help you pay those extra bills.


Ask for donations online


Many sites help you create a page to ask for donations online. After registering, you only need to write about why you need money, how much you need, and supply either your bank account information or PayPal, depending on the site.


Volunteer for consumer focus groups


Consumer feedback is very valuable to companies and many are willing to pay good money for your time and input. These focus groups are usually held by businesses that specialize in consumer research. You can look for local groups in your community yellow pages or online. You will need to fill out some forms to determine if you match the demographic they are looking for, but if you do, you could be looking at decent cash for just a few hours or less of your time.


Join a university test study


If there is a university in your area, check to see if they need paid volunteers for psychology experiments or clinical research studies. They typically pay you well for your time, and as long as you do not mind being a type of human guinea pig, it requires little effort.


The best thing you can do right now is take action. It is easy to feel paralyzed by anxiety after a costly wreck, but you can get the money together as long as you make the effort and make the right contacts, like those mentioned above.

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