Car Insurance Dk How To Insure a Car In Denmark

Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory in every country, the difference is in the set regulations that determine the amount of coverage a vehicle will have.

Motor vehicle insurance is mandatory in every country, the difference is in the set regulations that determine the amount of coverage a vehicle will have.

In the event of an accident, the owner of the vehicle will have to put the vehicle back on the road by fixing the damaged areas, and seek treatment for the occupants. A car insurance cover will come in handy when an accident happens because in most cases people are never prepared for the unforeseen happenings.

The traffic laws of Denmark state that before any vehicle is driven on the roads, it must have a third-party motor vehicle insurance cover. This car insurance caters for any injury or damages that may be caused by the vehicle. The third-party policy covers other affected people like pedestrians or the vehicle that one has been involved in an accident with. Before the vehicles are registered in Denmark, they must have a liability insurance cover. The two types of car insurance dk are Third-party insurance that covers the injuries and damage to other people’s property and Comprehensive insurance that extends the coverage to the loss and damage of the motor vehicle.

Can A Car Be Registered Out Of Denmark?

It is never possible to provide a Danish insurance cover for a vehicle that is registered in a different country. The vehicle has to be within Denmark to meet the requirements of being covered. If it has to be covered, then it has to be imported so that it can get a Danish registration, a process that has to be finished within 14 days after the vehicle has arrived.

Buying the Vehicle Insurance

The different insurance providers have differing costs for the car insurance premiums. The product that you will get from all the providers will be the same. For that reason, one should get different quotes from providers, so that the he or she can get the most affordable offer. Never compromise quality for cost, because an insurance provider may be offering the premiums at a very friendly rate, but when the time comes for processing claims, they may take long to compensate you. They might even fail to compensate you as agreed on the contract.


There are times when there may be no claims for the period that the car has been insured. Most companies that offer car insurance dk reduce the premium costs for that particular customer. You need to check if the Danish insurance company that is selling the policy can transfer a no-claim bonus from your previous insurer. Proof will be required to show that indeed you did not file any claims during the cover period.

How to Make a Claim after an Accident

When an accident occurs, full and correct insurance details for both the involved parties should be collected because they will be required at the time of making a claim. The following is the information that will be required.

? Contact details of both drivers involved in the accident

? Their driving license numbers

? Insurance details of both drivers

? Both number plates of the vehicles

? Full details of the vehicles involved, such as make, model and color

There are standard car insurance dk accident claim forms that every company is supposed to provide to the customers. These forms help in collecting all the required details that will facilitate smooth processing of the claims.

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