5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Audi

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy An Audi car

Founded back in the 1930s, Audi is a popular German car marque that is known for producing executive, luxurious and high-performance cars. 

Many people in the UK love driving cars produced by this car manufacturer for all sorts of different reasons and even prefer them to other German car firms such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz and even its parent company, Volkswagen!

At the moment, I am actually looking to buy a car, and one of the car manufacturers on my shortlist (actually they are at the top of my shortlist) is Audi. Should you be in the same boat (or should that be, car?), here are some reasons why you ought to be buying yourself an Audi!

1. Excellent value-for-money

With some cars, you are likely to find that you don’t really get an awful lot of value for your money, but with cars produced by Audi this simply isn’t the case.


All models produced these days come with a plethora of technological and safety features that you simply wouldn’t get on other marques without paying a hefty premium for them!

2. Vorsprung durch Technik

For those of you that are not fluent in the German language, “Vorsprung durch Technik” translates into English as “Advancement through Technology”. This is the slogan for Audi, and started being used in English-language advertising for the company since the early 1980s.

How many carmakers do you know of that have an iconic and memorable slogan that everyone around the world knows of but don’t speak the native tongue from which it was born?

3. Reliability

German engineering and build quality is known for contributing to some of the world’s most-reliable cars.

Audi cars are no exception to this rule and because of the amount of research and development that goes into their cars, the faults that you would ever come across in a German-built car such as an Audi model is normally down to age and wear rather than premature failure or mistakes in manufacture.

4. Style

When you look at Audi cars made today, or even timeless classics such as the Audi Quattro, one thing that is common across the board is the fact that all of their cars have a certain style and flair that owners, and those who glance at their cars, have a shared love of.

Some car manufacturers really do produce ugly cars, but Audi is thankfully not one of them!

5. Everyone can afford to buy an Audi

Granted, Audi cars are not some of the cheapest you will ever buy, but when you compare their prices against cheaper marques such as Ford they aren’t really that much dearer.

Although there are a number of finance deals to tempt motorists from all walks of life to buy a brand new model, it is the used cars sold from dealers such as carbase.biz which appeal to motorists the most.

Although Audi cars don’t depreciate too badly in general, they do lose their value after the first 3 or so years of their lives, so it can often be more cost-effective to buy a model of such an age and still have a highly reliable vehicle.

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