The Tesla Model S – Behold the Greatest Electric Car Ever Made

Get to know the revolutionary Tesla S – the perfect electric vehicle!

With revolutionary business projects like SpaceX and Tesla Motors in his arsenal, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk has often been referred to as the real life Tony Stark by tech geeks across the world. Well, after the recent launch of the all-electric Tesla S sedan, it’s almost impossible for anyone to argue why.


Despite overwhelming efforts from oil moguls to dismiss the feasibility of electric cars, the Tesla S has emerged to smash these claims once and for all. It has been hailed as one of the best cars of the past decade by dozens of elite car tech publications and might just be known as the Mona Lisa of the electric car world in retrospect.


What Makes the Tesla Model S Glitter?


When Tesla Motors laid out initial plans for the Tesla S, it had three prime issues in mind to overcome that are associated with electric cars:


— Subpar handling

— Expensive prices and lack of luxurious features

— Underwhelming engine power and average energy efficiency


?The Tesla S is designed to be the perfect electric vehicle that integrates the handling of a sportscar and the luxury of a sedan backed by unparalleled energy efficiency. In an era threatened by global warming and plagued with astronomical fuel prices, Tesla Motors may just be the force that takes green technology mainstream.


The signs look promising already as Tesla Motors managed to make more sales than automaker mammoths like Audi, Mercedes-Benz and BMW in Q1 2013.


However, most of the prominent electric cars dominating the automobile market up till now such as the Nissan Leaf, Toyota RAV 4 and Honda Fit delivered only a fraction of the mileage offered by the Tesla S. This massive upgrade in battery energy efficiency is what has helped get the world buzzing about electric cars again.


?Dissecting the Re-Engineered Design of the Tesla Model S


When Tesla Motors announced that the Tesla S delivers an unprecedented mileage of 265 miles, it made the heads of auto engineers and consumers around the world turn unanimously. The innovation of Tesla S’s revolutionary new 85 kilowatt/hour lithium-ion battery is the key to this game-changing upgrade in performance. Comparing Tesla’s new battery technology to the type used by its competitors is as absurd as trying to liken the efficiency of Pneumatic Load Cells to hydraulic ones.


Tesla Motors opted to scale down the large battery and motor size found in its earlier models by switching to small, flattened lithium-ion batteries instead of the conventional low-energy battery cells. The Tesla S significantly cut down on production costs by using small, cylindrical cells that can store a lot more electrical energy.


It also packs a better optimized liquid cooling system that ensures any instance of overheating is prevented by quickly releasing the heat produced in battery cells before it spreads to the adjacent cells.


If you’re wondering how the Tesla S lives up to the hype of being hailed as the premier luxury electric sedan in the world, let us take you through some of its coolest hi-tech features:


— A crisp 17-inch display screen with GPS navigation and battery monitoring system

— A high-end media player

— Remote charging for your smartphones

— Roomy interiors and generous luggage space


Few automakers have dared to take the bold steps in the realm of automobiles powered by alternative energy sources as Tesla Motors has; however, it looks like the $89,650 Tesla S may just kickstart a Renaissance in the electric car industry.

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