The Insider Trade Secrets to Selling Used Cars Successfully

There are a number of insider secrets when selling a car and we take a look at them

Selling a car can sometimes be a daunting prospect. The thought of having to deal with buyers that are quite simply wasting your time, offering you ridiculous prices for your pride and joy, or just not bothering to read the description to your classified advertisement can be frustrating.

If you want to ensure a smooth transaction and get the best price for your car, here are some insider trade secrets to selling used cars successfully!

Be committed

The key to success in anything in life is to ensure that you are committed to the task at hand, and this certainly rings true with used car sales. If you want to get a quick and successful sale for your car, you will need to be fully committed to every step of the process.

If you don’t make much of an effort, then you won’t be very successful at getting a quick sale. If you put in the work and do everything within your power, I can guarantee you will have an easier time selling that car!

Prepare your car

The first thing any prospective buyer is going to do is look at the car in question. So your job is to make it as attractive to them as possible. This will involve the following steps:

Cleaning the interior – you should vacuum the floor and seats, the boot and the parcel shelf, as well as cleaning other surfaces with a damp cloth;

Cleaning the exterior – it might take you a couple of washes to really bring up that shine on your car. When you are happy with the end result, polish and wax it so that it will shine for longer, even on those rainy days;

Servicing – a car that doesn’t run well is going to put buyers off your car, so you should get it serviced and any essential repair work carried out;

Make it roadworthy – you are more likely to attain high sales figures if your car comes with a long MOT and at least 6 months road tax, so that any prospective buyer can simply drive it away from you the same day.


Write a compelling description

Simply stating the make and model of your car isn’t enough information for a would-be buyer to make an informed decision as to whether they should view your car and ultimately buy it.

Offering a compelling, detailed description of the car, and emphasising the positive points of it (such as “it has a great fuel economy of up to 50mpg”) is the key to attracting buyers.

Take some decent photographs

The amount of times I have seen car sellers advertising immaculate cars with awful photographs is more common than I’d like to wish. If you aren’t capable of taking photographs that are in focus or capture great angles of the car, then get someone else to do it for you (or take an evening class in basic photography).

Advertise your car for sale online

In order to gain the most exposure for your car, you can go online and sell your car fast rather than relying on traditional sales methods such as newspaper advertisements. Hopefully these top tips will help you to sell your car in no time. Good luck!

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