Sound System Installation in Virginia – Here are Some DIY Tips by AVA Installation

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Car owners in every corner of the world dream about high quality sound system installed in their car. Even they are always ready to spend thousands of dollars behind the purchasing and installation of a sound system. Crazy music lovers are found replacing their existing audio system in their car for an aftermarket system because of its awesome sound quality. As per your preference and size of your car, there are various models of sound systems available in the market to choose from. Once you have purchased a sound system for your car, it is the time when you have to search sound system installation service providers in your region who can finish the job for you.

As per AVA Installation, Virginia, the process of installing a sound system is a bit tricky for the newbie and an easygoing process for an experienced person. All you need is the set of right tools and basic knowledge of setup procedures. So, if you want to install a sound system or want to replace the existing one in your car, then here are some truly practical DIY installation tips direct from the expert desk at AVA Installation.

Tip No. 1: Most importantly, buy a sound system that complements your car’s model and fits into the slots provided in your car’s dashboard. Prefer a sound system that includes lesser wiring, as it will make installation less hectic.

Tip No. 2: Find a flat surface where you can park your vehicle for sound system installation. Switch off the engine and open the hood to disconnect the negative terminal on the vehicle’s battery.

Tip No. 3: In case you are replacing your older sound system, then unscrew the holding screws with the help of a screwdriver on the dashboard cover. Remove the dashboard to expose your older sound system. At the time when you remove and install, the new sound system in your car, do not forget to place our sideboard on the horizontal and leveled surface.

Tip No. 4: Disconnect all the wire by hand to remove your existing sound system. At the time of disconnect wires, make a note of which wires connect to the vehicle’s electrical system. After uncoupling the wires, gently pull out your older sound system from its position.

Tip No. 5: Attach the wiring harness to the car, as it will let you connect the wires from the new sound system to the car’s electrical system. Strip about a half-inch of insulation on the vehicle’s electrical wires and wiring harnesses. Match the colors of the wires from both the end (wire harness and car’s electrical wire), and crimp them to make sure a protected connection.

Tip No. 6: Place the new sound system into the space prearranged in the car. Securely connect all the wires before placing the sound system. Now, reconnect the negative terminal on the car’s battery and check the functioning of a sound system.

Tip No. 7: Secure the sound system into the car’s dashboard with the included screws. Fit the dashboard with the screws to their initial position.

The above mentioned are DIY steps for sound system installation in your car. However, always ensure that no electricity is passing in your car at the time of system installation. Before installing the sound system, remember to go through the manufacturer’s manual. In case, if you find everything mashed up, immediately call experts before the situation goes out of control.

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