How to Lower the Cost of Trucker’s insurance

Trucker insurance can be quite a costly addition, however here are some tips to lower the cost.

For business owners commercial insurance costs can really push the price of doing business up. However, you also have an element of control over the price you pay and there are a number of variables that lead to the price you will end up paying out for.

If you own a haulage business or a company that uses trucks or other larger vehicles, your insurance costs can be quite large. Of course, insurance is based on risk and due to the size of these vehicles, the mileage they cover, the likelihood of ending up in a crash and also the level of damage they can do – they often cost a decent amount of money to cover. However, as we’ve mentioned it’s possible to take control and here we show you how.

Driver Records

Keeping an eye on your driver’s and employees driving records can make a big difference here. The people that drive your trucks are the ones that are the greatest factor in the insurance risk and so you should keep an eye on their records. A driver may be great at his job, but if he has a driving conviction or a history of crashes, it’s going to cost you more. Alternatively, there are some trucks that don’t require a HGV licence but hiring a qualified person for these smaller trucks may reduce the cost of the insurance.

The Truck

Of course, the truck that you use is also going to impact on the price of the insurance. There’s going to be a big difference between a colossal V10 monster and a 25 foot truck in terms of insurance prices. Age, size and a number of other things will impact here too –s o look at to get an idea.


There is plenty of room for bartering when it comes to truck or any sort of insurance. By being savvy and working out a discount, while playing other insurers’ prices off the one you want, you can save a lot of money. There are a lot of insurance companies out there and a lot will offer you different prices depending on your different variables. Use it to your advantage.

Credit History

Some insurers in different parts of the world go as far as looking at your credit history when determining the cost of your insurance. When looking for insurance you should ask the insurer about the different factors that are influencing the policy price. This then allows you to improve on these factors and in doing so cut the cost of the insurance.


Compare the price of your insurance with online checkers and comparison sites. These allow you to check the cost of your insurance and offer you a number of options in one place. Be aware that some comparison sites do omit some companies and you may not get a full picture of the insurance market, saying that you will still get a very good impression.

So, by taking account of these issues you will be able to cut the cost of your commercial insurance and save.

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