How age affects buying a used car

Buying a used car can be a bit of a risk these days

Buying a used car can be a bit of a risk these days as it is difficult to tell what condition the car is in without driving it for a long period of time. This is particularly important if you are trying to stick to a budget and spend as little as possible.


If you are like most used car buyers looking for a good deal then you are looking to spend as little as possible to get you rolling. If spending as little as possible is your main focus in buying a used car then you should be shopping with a strict set of criteria that any car must meet in order for you to consider buying it. There are numerous factors that can affect how much you have to spend short and long term on your car, below we mention some things that you should consider when buying a used car.


If you have a tight budget to spend on a used car then you will want something that is reliable and not going to cause you problems in the future. Your best bet is a front wheel drive car with four cylinders, preferably four door. Age range you want the car to be between 5 and 12 years old, no newer and no older.


The value of a car is determined by many factors, one important factor is its age. The age of a car can affect many different things as well as the overall value. Age is a good indicator of what kind of condition the car may be in, especially if you match up with the cars service history. The cars age also affects what type of insurance quotes you may get and also how easy it is to get spare parts and the cost of these parts. The longer you own a car and the older it gets the more money you will lose when you come to sell the car.


Under 5 years old


If you have a larger budget and are looking to buy a car between 1 and 5 years in age then this is a lot better value than buying a car brand new. A car at this age is still fairly new and will not have done many miles so it will be reliable and you shouldn’t experience many problems. The only issue when you get towards the 5 year mark is that the original parts will soon need replacing and buying parts for a car at this age will be more expensive than an older car.


5 – 10 years old


For best value and a long term investment you should buy a used car that is between 5-10 years old. By purchasing a used car in this age bracket you save money in many areas. The price of the car should be a fair bit lower than a car under 5 years old and you should find that insurance quotes will be a lot lower too. A car will be valued by age still at this range so you can find a better price by looking around, anything over 10 years will start to get valued based on condition rather than age.


Over 10 years old


Cars at this age are far more prone to go wrong and although this is not always the case they may require regular maintenance and repairs. Cars over 10 years plus start to deteriorate and will be valued based on condition. First time buyers or people on a low budget usually look for cars around this age bracket. Cars at this age will be less reliable than younger cars but if you check properly when you come to buy the car then you should be able to find something that will be fairly reliable. The best used car is what is best for you and your budget.


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