Honda’s social implication

Honda has developed a few initiatives to redistribute its wealth to our planet.

Around the world, companies are despised by many because of their greed and the few dollars they spend on improving our communities. Even though expressions such as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and triple bottom line (Profits, People, Planet) start to become more widespread, there is still a long way to go before interests of major corporations are aligned with the will of the majority.


Honda, one of the most important Japanese car manufacturers, looks a bit different from most of its competitors. In the past weeks, the company has launched two initiatives in the past weeks to give back to the communities. It was already the manufacturer with the lowest gas consumption’s average in the whole North America, therefore limiting its impact on the environment; it seems now that Honda wants to have an even more positive influence.


Planting trees for sold products


Honda Canada has announced that each all-terrain vehicle and each lawn car tool sold by one of the Honda dealerships will result in a tree being planted somewhere in the country. It has been estimated than at least 18 000 trees will grow thanks to this initiative aimed at growing a sustainable Canadian forest (or replanting it) and reducing the gas emissions created by Honda cars.


This campaign is not the first one to be launched by the Canadian division: in the last 7 years, more than 94 000 trees were planted around the country, from Victory to St. John’s (from the Western to the Eastern provinces).


Sadly, the company still seems pretty far from launching a convincing electric vehicle to reduce even further the pollution caused by its petrol engines; however, it still fares very well when compared to the rest of the industry, even though Tesla could change everything with its upcoming cheaper models.


Saving old drive-ins


Do you remember watching movies at a drive-in with your first love or with your friends? Many of these businesses are on the verge of closing their doors because of a lack in clientele and the discontinuing of the 35 mm films that were previously used for the drive-ins’ equipment. Those that do not have funds could receive a projector from Honda.


A contest is launched online on The five drive-ins that will receive the most votes will receive the piece of equipment and might continue operating for a longer while.


Honda does not only want to produce better vehicles year after year; it also wants to save your childhood memories!

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