Don’t Get Lemoned On Your Next Car! Signs You Should Look For

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With today’s economy being so unsettled, we need to always make wise decisions when making big investments. The last thing that you want is to be stuck with a lemon vehicle that requires several thousands of dollars in repairs. Here are some of the key signs that a car could be a lemon.


Motor Oil

Like the blood inside of a human body, the motor oil can help to determine an engine’s health. Unfortunately, some unassuming buyers fail to even look at the appearance of the oil. Before you even start the engine, you should pull the dip stick to check the condition of the motor oil. It is no secret that car owners sometimes use thick oil additives to stop an engine from leaking oil. Thick oil is also used to hide the sound of a knocking engine that is on its last leg. Another indicator of a serious engine problem is motor oil that exhibits a milky appearance. This is often the result of a head-gasket failure, which is seriously bad news for the engine.



A transmission is not exactly the cheapest automotive part to replace. Check the condition of the transmission fluid while you are under the hood. If the fluid looks milky or burnt, then you should be leery of purchasing that vehicle. Healthy transmission fluid should be of a pink or reddish color. The test drive could also expose a bad transmission. When checking an automatic transmission, be sure that the gears shift smoothly without any hesitations or delays. If the car is equipped with a manual gearbox, then you have to verify that every gear actually works. It is not uncommon for a faulty manual gearbox to have a gear or two that is missing.


More Than Meets The Eye

Even if a car runs exceptional and looks great, it still could be a lemon. Whether you are doing a business sale contract or buying a used car, you need to always do the proper background checks. Far too many consumers end up buying vehicles that have been in major accidents or floods. Never buy a used vehicle without first doing a history check of the automobile. Often times, you will not be able to determine that the car has been in an accident until the paint starts to chip off or when odd electrical problems start to happen. Also, pay close attention to the car on the test drive. If it tends to veer to one side of the road or has a vibrating steering wheel, then you may want to get the car’s frame checked out before finalizing the purchase.



If you see any smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, then this means there is a problem somewhere within the engine. Depending on the color of the smoke, the issue could range from leaky valves seals to a damaged head-gasket. If the vehicle starts to smoke shortly after the purchase, then you need to go to FindLegalForms because you have just received a lemon.

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