Changing Trend in Suppliers’ Behavior in E-commerce

The fact that e-commerce is spring to newer heights is something that cannot be missed.

Major researchers predict that the end of 2013 will witness the growth rate of this market by 15% in comparison to the previous year. Even online automotive parts sale will go up from $3.8 billion in the year 2012 to $4.4 billion. Comparatively, other industries like ‘brick and mortar’ will also escalate, but it will be an insignificant growth of 2%. E-commerce is the only market that will be experiencing uninterrupted growth for some time. Manufacturers of automotive parts are also showing keen interest in the online medium while the traditional sellers have already made a shift towards this omnichannel way of business.

 Changes That Suppliers Must Adopt::
As a supplier new to the online business, you should chalk out exactly where your strategies stand in the present day and how can you get it transformed for effective e-commerce. Your strategy should include making the retailers and the distributors happy since it is pretty harmful to go for direct selling to the customers’ option. Consider the following options as ideas:

Is it profitable to keep online and ‘brick and mortar’ business separated?

Will you opt for online business which will bring in less beneficial clients?

Once you are able to strategize on these two aspects in the early stages of your business with the guidance of distribution partners, you will be able to find long-lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships. It will also give your e-business the required boost.

New Trends in Online Customer Requirement::
Apart from the price points and products that you put up for sale, logistics also has an important role to play in understanding the needs of the customers. You cannot afford to overlook this aspect. Although, researches confirm that the present day buyers are satiated at the end of their buying experience, it is very likely that they will want to move along with the changes in technology. Their expectation levels will increase, so will their needs, preferences and habits. So, as a seller, if you stay ahead of their needs, you will get a competitive advantage which is rare.

Results of the study also said that the majority of the buyers are generally dissatisfied as far as returns process is concerned. The online buyers of automotive accessories and parts are keen to understand upfront about the returns process offered by the seller, expecting the process to be free from any unfair means. The aspect of ‘restocking fees’ is responsible for driving away potential buyers, creating a negative effect on the willingness of the buyer to purchase any product form the seller. On the contrary, features like ‘free shipping’ or even a discounted one is a big welcome for any buyer. Since buyers are mostly overseas residents, savings on the transportation of the product attract them to any online seller.

A wide variety of products with pictures and other latest technological inclusions will work wonders for your online business. Consult professionals to upgrade the looks of your website and strategize to market your products on a large scale. All this will contribute to your business as an online supplier of aftermarket automotive parts.

Author’s Bio:  Mary James has been authoring articles on the subject of automobiles. She regularly contributes articles on various automobile related topics like shopping for Aftermarket Fog Lights.

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