Basic Automotive Paint Guide For The Beginner-Facts You Can’t Ignore

While choosing the right car paint fit for the car type you have, a number of guidelines are worth looking at especially if you are a beginner in automotive usage and care

While choosing the right car paint fit for the car type you have, a number of guidelines are worth looking at especially if you are a beginner in automotive usage and care. You will find different car models found in the market today, although the same type of auto paint appears different for each vehicle model.


Uniqueness Of Automotive Paints


Lots of toxic compounds are used in making automotive paints and specially made for vehicle coating. The method of car paint application is largely simple as the primer is applied on the car’s surface, preparing the car effectively for a new paint to be added. The paint job technique of application, paint amount and color depth decide the end result of the car’s paint job.


Automotive Paints


Across the world are different automotive paints in use. One of them is known as nitrocellulose paint and some of the old paint types around. It is cellulose made and has been around since the 1950s and quite good at resisting pollution, resisting light and lasting longer. As a result of organic solvent evaporating into the atmosphere during nitrocellulose applications, most countries are tightening restrictions on its usage. This variety is still found in the various markets around, although you will find different formulations worth selecting from.


Acrylic Lacquer


This is a very important variant highly popular in the automotive industry. However, the paint requires some thinner if the right coat is to be applied to the vehicle. The end result is a glassy look that is also very smooth. The only thing needed is normal buffing for the paint to shine in the right way. As a beginner, the acrylic lacquer is the kind of variant worth experimenting with and dries much faster while paint mistakes can easily be sanded down faster if the need be. Acrylic enamel is also very affordable car paint than any beginner can experiment with.


Two Pack Paint


These types of paints are applied on virtually all the modern vehicles on the road and one of the best auto paint varieties ever created found in every market. Apart from being much cheaper they are also easy to use. The 2 pack paint finish is known for lasting much longer and highly resistant to damage in a very extreme way. You will find the paint being made in about two parts where the hardener and paint are mixed for the ultimate coat. However, two pack paints come with isocyanates considered to be quite harmful to human wellbeing.


Mixing Two Paint Brands


It is not a good practise to paint two different types of paint brands. The reason is that the paints are made using different types of chemical structures and they are definitely not compatible. Prior to attempting a repaint on your car, it is much important to remove the old paint completely before applying a new coat from a different brand of paint.


You will also find that auto paint comes in different shades, with the most popular being metallic and pearlescent. The normal metallic paint is made through blending aluminum flakes with the kind of paint shade you like.


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