6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Driving and Using a Jeep

In 1946, Jeeps made way into mainstream society. Early machines served as alternatives to traditional tractors.

Do you currently own or rent a Jeep?  Are you taking advantage of all the capabilities driving one affords?  Consider taking a gander at what others do with their Jeeps.  There’s Jeep activity (you probably didn’t know about) taking place in your very-own city.


Tractor Trails


In 1946, Jeeps made way into mainstream society.  Early machines served as alternatives to traditional tractors.  Farmers could address big fields with high-powered and comfortable Jeep machines, and then take a spin toward town in the same vehicle.  Government regulations push toward electric-only tractors, so users need abide by local and state regulation, but those antique ’46 models could do it.  Can yours?


Strange Faces


You’ve probably seen unique-looking or considerably stripped Jeep Wranglers.  Jeep experts agree; as long as it’s ‘street legal,’ and brakes good, Jeeps hold great value when it comes to buying a used ‘clunker’ or allowing a family heirloom to age gracefully.  Jeeps dilapidate, and lose outer body pieces, but still get excited drivers from point to point soundly.  Wranglers age and wear well.  Some may have worn and strange outer faces, but their inner workings perform like young.


Distant Deals


If you currently own or rent a Jeep, you may have access to advantages regarding renting in remote and exotic destinations.  For example, you may find a great deal on a flight.  Rather than pay for lodging, rent a Jeep, and then camp under the stars.  Surfers, hikers, divers and other adventure-sport enthusiasts do this, saving on ‘needless’ lodging expenses.  You can’t take your Jeep, but you can rent one.


Local Hero


You are not driving one of those big, fancy SUV vehicles (cough Hummer).  You drive a Jeep.  The machines, capable of high feats such as pulling vehicles out of high water and muddy roads, make one prime in becoming the next local hero, especially during severe weather.  If you want to be a local hero with added cash in the pocket, consider investing in a snowplow, making money in the winter season.


Find Clubs


You’ve probably noticed the ‘Jeep wave,’ the cult-like action of gesturing to other Jeep owners in traffic.  Taking the camaraderie a step further, seek online forums, Jeep groups, and those who devote short afternoons or entire weekends to finding and conquering trails.  It’s likely you’re not doing a number of things you could do in your vehicle.  Joining groups affords opportunity to meet others with experience, those who can show you how to optimize your Jeep ownership and provide suggestions regarding Jeep Wrangler accessories and labor.


You Haul


Jeep Wranglers are graceful yet rugged.  They can withstand a dent here and a scratch there.  Therefore, the vehicles make great hauling tools for commercial work, personal transportation, or friend and family favors.  Perform general acts of kindness or generate added income by lending your hauling services.  Place an ad on Craigslist, hauling large purchases for others who worry about damaging their vehicles.


What are you not doing in your Jeep?  These are just a few ideas of what’s taking place.  Get out on the road, and find more trails to ride in your Jeep.


Jeremy S loves outdoor adventures. He often writes about outdoor sports destinations on travel blogs.

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