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Tuning & styling

Your car always can be shinier and faster, so what's stopping you from making your car look sleeker? Learn more about tuning and styling.
Porsche Panamera Matte Dark Grey

Colour trends - Whats hot and whats not?

I'ts always difficult deciding what colour to choose from when buying a new car, so whats in at the moment and whats not?
18.10.2013 - 18:41 - LEE at Tuning & styling

The ABT Sportsline Audi AS6-R with 3 Piece Wheels and 600 HP

The Audi S6 gets a big performance and styling tune from the team at ABT Sportsline with a new range of engine modifications, 3 piece wheels, suspension upgrades, and more!
08.10.2013 - 20:18 - Clark at Tuning & styling

Senner Tuning gives the Audi S5 a new face, forged wheels, and 446 HP

The team at Senner Tuning has taken the recently facelifted Audi S5 and given it a full performance makeover with new forged wheels, engine tuning, and carbon fiber.
07.10.2013 - 20:19 - Clark at Tuning & styling
stainless steel car exhausts

A guide to stainless steel car exhausts

This is a brief introduction and guide to stainless steel car exhausts and how they can ehance car performance.
03.10.2013 - 17:14 - John at Tuning & styling

The 700 HP E63 AMG with Forged Wheels is Seriously Fast

One Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG was taken to a new level of performance with a range of engine, suspension and chassis upgrades and a new set of forged wheels.
01.10.2013 - 20:48 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The new Cam Shaft BMW X6 M with Forged Wheels and 710 HP

Cam Shaft Premium Car Wrapping has taken a BMW X6 M and given it a new look with more power thanks to new engine tuning, foiling, forged wheels, and more!
23.09.2013 - 20:32 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The M&D Exclusive Cardesign E500 with 3 Piece Wheels and 401 HP

A Mercedes-Benz E500 Coupe was tuned by M&D Exclusive Cardesign with 3 piece wheels, engine upgrades, exterior styling, and more!
17.09.2013 - 22:04 - Clark at Tuning & styling

Tuningwerk’s BMW M135i with COR Wheels and 444 Horsepower

The new BMW M135i was given a new set of COR Wheels, engine tuning, and chassis upgrades by Tuningwerk to make it a thrill to drive!
16.09.2013 - 23:30 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The TechArt Porsche Cayman with Forged Wheels at Frankfurt

TechArt shows off its new Porsche Cayman upgrade program with new exhausts, forged wheels, and aerodynamics at Frankfurt for the IAA.
13.09.2013 - 21:53 - Clark at Tuning & styling
Trimming Vinyl Wrap

Car Wrapping - What you need to know!

Learn all the steps to a vehicle wrap, and what things you need to do right to get an awesome wrap!
03.09.2013 - 17:00 - LEE at Tuning & styling
Camera Car

Unusual Cars People Have Made Themselves

If you see any of these vehicles on the road, stop and take a closer look; I can promise that you’ll never see anything else quite like them.
23.08.2013 - 21:33 - Lauren at Tuning & styling
Bespoke Exhausts

5 Best Car Modifications

How choosing car modifications can improve your cars performance and benefit you.
22.08.2013 - 12:44 - at Tuning & styling

The Porsche 911 with Forged Wheels and Sleeper Status

DP Motorsport has taken a classic Porsche 911 to another level of style and performance with their latest upgrade conversion that sports lightweight modifications, more power, forged wheels, and more!
19.08.2013 - 23:02 - Clark at Tuning & styling

How Often Should I Get My Car Serviced?

Despite the fact that it’s one of the most important requirements of car maintenance, there are still millions of drivers out there who don’t know how regularly their vehicle should be professionally serviced.
02.08.2013 - 09:39 - Lisa at Tuning & styling

The BMW 1 M Coupe with COR Wheels and Custom Tuning

The BMW 1 Series M Coupe may be the spiritual successor to the E30 M3, but one German company is taking it a step further with new engine tuning, COR Wheels, exterior styling, and more!
30.07.2013 - 21:49 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The new HPE1000 with 1,000 HP and Custom Corvette Wheels

The Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C7) may not be on the market yet, but tuners are already creating modifications for them. The new Hennessey Performance HPE1000 is one of them and includes a full engine rebuild, custom Corvette wheels, body work, and more.
20.07.2013 - 22:38 - Clark at Tuning & styling
Great Value of Grit Bins During the Winter Period

Discover the Great Value of Having Grit Bins During the Winter Period

When the snow begins to fall during the winter period, the travel conditions become a lot trickier. This relates to everything; whether you are walking or whether you are driving.
18.07.2013 - 09:39 - Lucy at Tuning & styling

The Ford Focus RS with Forged Wheels and 375 Horsepower

The Ford Focus RS might be one of the hottest hatchbacks on the market but one British tuner is making it even hotter with 375 hp and forged wheels.
15.07.2013 - 22:27 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The new Novitec Torado Aventador with 700 HP and Forged Wheels

Novitec Torado has unveiled their first upgrade program and it’s for the Lamborghini Aventador. The new upgrade program includes more power, carbon fiber aerodynamics, forged wheels, and more.
06.07.2013 - 16:11 - Clark at Tuning & styling

The Defender XS10 with Custom Body Work and Range Rover Wheels

The Land Rover Defender offers drivers a great deal of off road capability. For those that want more luxury, one British company modified the SUV with new body work, interior, chassis, and Range Rover wheels to create a new look and feel.
29.06.2013 - 20:26 - Clark at Tuning & styling