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If you are a real car enthusiast you may dream about the perfect exhaust, rims, suspension, wheels, body kit, navigation, sound system, best engine upgrade, brakes and interior. It’s not only our hobby; it’s our life.

Best features you can expect in a new car today

With technology moving and advancing so quickly, people are expecting more and more from their gadgets
28.06.2013 - 07:15 - Roger at Car parts & accessories
Custom Headache Rack by Spyder Industries

Truck Accessories that Won't Make You Look Redneck

It's easy to over-accessorize your pickup truck. But doing so can make you look like a redneck. Don't look like a redneck. Just go with the essentials.
27.06.2013 - 23:52 - Curtis at Car parts & accessories

Hack Your Car: 5 Ways To Make Your Ride Better On The Cheap

Improving your car doesn't have to cost thousands of pounds and we've got a number of lifehacks to improve it on the cheap
24.06.2013 - 16:41 - Stephen at Car parts & accessories
NFC substitute for car keys

Car Keys and Smartphones

This article speaks about the new technologies enabling control of the vehicles with mobile devices and applications.
29.03.2013 - 17:10 - Jordan at Car parts & accessories
Xmas presents for your car

Christmas Presents for Your Car

This article will help you decide what to buy for your car this shopping season.
26.12.2012 - 18:23 - Jordan at Car parts & accessories